The Impact of Broken Families On Children

It's a cryin' shame This post was written by one of my best guys, John. He is seriously cool, and he'd love you all to follow him on Twitter @Slimjohn_iam. Follow him. We compel youuuuuu *waves wand* I wonder when we are going to start talking about broken families and the consequences it has on … Continue reading The Impact of Broken Families On Children

I Want To Talk About Climate Change, Because I Can

Yes, if it happens it'll probably be this bad This post was written by a frequent contributor to this website, Safe. Both of us were suffering massive writer's block. Glad he's unlocked his. Enjoy! Hey guys. It's been a while. My brain took a long holiday from anything books and writing after my final exams. … Continue reading I Want To Talk About Climate Change, Because I Can

Things, And Memories Of Crisis

Today is Sickle Cell Awareness Day. I wrote this last year as a kind of commemoration. To every fellow warrior, 💗💪

Just Saying


For most of my life, I have felt policed. Restricted by things I did not choose. Controlled by things I have no power over, every action monitored and boiled down to a single absolute – a crisis.


My memory of the day I found out that I had sickle-cell disease is awash in hot, yellow sunlight. I remember tiny details from that day. The thick, black blanket I was covered in had this reddish-looking lint that stood there and stared at me whenever I opened my eyes. The sweat-dampened bed was covered in a sky-blue bedsheet that had a cartoon character drawn on it. There was a crayon-painted mark on the wall directly above my head that one of my younger siblings made long before then. The mark looked like someone had begun scrawling a signature on the wall and then abandoned it, distracted by more important things.

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Nothing Is Happening In My Life. Is That Bad?

Credit: Whisper ( "There's always something." At least, that's how I've heard it. When you live life and interact and do all the other human-y stuff, something always happens. You see something beautiful and you think about it the entire day. Someone pisses you off and you feel rage and it's something. You eat a … Continue reading Nothing Is Happening In My Life. Is That Bad?

Hollow man, long-winded truths.

This is hauntingly beautiful

Your nightly dose of another's thoughts. Read slow, sink in... Welcome

I have no idea how to start this. I have all the words in my head, but there’s this curtain stopping me from drawing them out. I think it’s my rage. I’m trying to breathe. I’m trying to find calm through writing. I’m trying to escape this familiar emotion because I’d just rather not feel if it’s all that’s left to me. My head hurts, my throat hurts, my eyes feel raw from the force of the tears I’ve tried not to shed tonight. I want a hug, but the person I want it from is nowhere near, so I am left to find comfort however I can; thus I am, here.
It’s strange though; I’ve been running from here, from the task I set for myself, and from the memories that come attached to it. Turns out reliving the past is not so easy. Turns out the barbs that…

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What To Do When You’re Being Robbed

This post was written by Safe. He has written on here so much that it would be unconscionable to call him a guest writer. Safe is on Twitter. Follow him... please?🤓 The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you might think it is. The answers that usually come to mind is 'cooperate!' … Continue reading What To Do When You’re Being Robbed