Best Blog Posts I Wrote & Read This Year

5 Each Again, Because Laziness

It’s another instalment in the obligatory rounding up the year blog posts. So I’m going to share five each of my favourite blog posts (five that I wrote, and five I read). Check ’em out of you can. Enjoy!

1. Things, And Memories of Crisis

I wrote this story for Sickle Cell Awareness Day. Someone wanted us to write for Sickle Cell Awareness Day, and I decided “Ok, it’d be cool.” I started writing and I couldn’t stop. It’s a summary of sorts of my experiences living with Sickle Cell disease. It is great, and it took a lot from me.

Anyway, to read, click HERE .

2. Book Review: Girls With Sharp Sticks

Girls With Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young is a great book. More importantly, it was the book that pulled me out of the funk that the (then newly introduced) lockdown plunged me into. It made me passionate enough to talk about it, and I’m really grateful for that. It was fun to review too.

If you haven’t, read the review HERE.

3. Is Free Will A Myth?

I wrote this because of a very nice conversation I had with a friend about determinism. I don’t exactly remember what led to it, but the conversation did make me want to find out more. It’s a very interesting topic, this determinism thing. Read up on it if you’re interested.

Read this particular post HERE.

4. Why Does Art Make Us Feel The Way We Do?

This was really emotional for me to write. I remember that it was because that day, I was looking at artworks posted by @justbeing_ayo on Twitter (check her out. She’s great), and I saw one that made me feel angry, and deeply sad. It was one of a woman holding her head in her hands, and it led to all these emotions. I didn’t understand why. So, I wrote and tried to understand why.

Read it HERE.

5. The Nigerian Teenagers Who Hijacked A Plane

I saw a small reference to this story somewhere. I no longer remember where. But I thought it was an amazing story, and I was surprised nobody told me. I thought it was maybe like all those normal urban legends or something, but I checked it out, and I was so stoked when I saw it was true. Civil disobedience to a stupid government is attractive, and this made me yearn for something of the sort this year. I didn’t know it would happen just 3 or so months later with #EndSARS.

Read about those brave teens HERE.

Because I followed a lot of bloggers this year, I had the opportunity to read some truly amazing posts. Here is five of them.

1. ‘Free Speech vs Cancel Culture: Why Not Listen?’ on victoriarose002

This was a great post. I remember finding it around that time J.K. Rowling was catching heat online for her comments about trans women. Victoria made some great points here. Check her out. She does social, political and cultural commentary mostly. She is amazing and I’m glad I followed her this year.

Read this particular post HERE.

2. ‘The Nigerian Democide: Where Do We Go From Here?’ on Anjola .O.

This was written in the aftermath of the grievous and heart-breaking culmination of the #EndSARS protests in Nigeria, the Lekki Massacre. We were all angry, deeply sad, extremely tired. Hopelessness was seeping in as we contemplated how a government could so brazenly kill its citizens and try to cover it up and act like it’s not true. This post asked all the questions I was asking.

Read it HERE.

3. ‘Creatives and the people that love(d) them: A Queer writer’, on Storiesneedtelling

This post was really interesting. It was the blog owner’s interview with a queer writer, and I really enjoyed it. The person that was interviewing sounds like a superb person. I particularly liked it because it gave me a window into queer romance.

It’s pretty great. Read it HERE.

4. ‘I Left.’, on Lucy’s Works and Co.

I Left. is a poem. Very short. Incredibly powerful. To me, this 11-wprd poem is about the deep loneliness death can bring. It conveys powerful emotions, and it was even more poignant when I read it during the lockdown. Lucy’s Works contains literature. Stories and poems and flash fiction. It is amazing honestly. If you’re into literature, check it out.

Read ‘I Left.’ HERE.

5. ‘A Review Of Reqiya & Z by Mutiah Badrudeen’ on TheDynamicWords

I am always looking for books to read, so I read a lot of reviews. This one stands out in the sense that it is so honest. It’s like your nerdy professor friend telling you “Seriously man, this book is great. Read it please,” except in longer and more flowery words. It has some good quotes from the book too. Sadly, I have not been able to get the book to read. Soon, though. Soon.

The Dynamic Words is a great blog, containing reviews, but also information about submissions, some poems, and so on.

Read the review HERE.

So that’s it. The next time I write on here, it’ll be another year. According to the countdown at the bottom of this blog homepage, it is approximately 22 hours away. I hope the new year brings new things. Please be sure to check out the different offerings on here. Just click the menu button and go nuts. Anyway, see you next year!

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